remembering mrs.sunanda pushkar Tharoor

An entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sunanda Tharoor had considerable experience in a variety of business activities, ranging from consultancy to media & advertising, and from real estate to Human Potential Reengineering (HPR) services. She had been associated with many reputed corporate groups such as ABN Amro, HSBC, Reemaxx, and Nortel in various capacities, and Mrs. Tharoor was the driving force behind the Girl Child Education (GCE) campaign of the Chandran Tharoor Foundation (CTF), of which she was also the Managing Trustee. A lover of art and all things creative, Mrs. Tharoor was an avid supporter of Khushii’s ‘India on Canvas’ project, which celebrates human imagination even while it promotes the cause of social welfare and uplift.

"Great day at the Polo match with @ShuklaRajiv Rana Kapoor, Bindu Kapoor (the sponsor) and @suhelseth"

"My fav picture with my husband @ShashiTharoor & my son Shiv.The two wonderful men in my life.Feel Blessed Thank U God"


"With Shahrukh and my friend Sredevi . Totally fun evening!"                    "With Aung San Suu Kyi"

"Leaving for Paro Bhutan with @ShashiTharoor" 


"So touched when Ashaji told me she would come home sit with me& sing 2 cheer me up whenever I get sick again. Humbled"