The Chandran Tharoor Foundation (CTF), set up in the memory of my late father, Chandran Tharoor (December 17, 1929 - October 23, 1993) honours the memory of a noble and selfless individual whose generosity was legendary among friends, family and strangers. It aims to help the weaker sections of society through modest grants in the areas of relief for persons in distress, educational and health care assistance, and miscellaneous services to improve the quality of life of vulnerable groups. Based in Thiruvananthapuram, its activities are mainly centred in south Kerala.

Work Done By The Chandran Tharoor Foundation (CTF)
1. Gave marital assistance to indigent families during weddings.
2. Provided financial assistance to bereaved families upon loss of a breadwinner.
3. Assisted in obtaining jobs, loans, scholarships and trainee positions for various people in distress.
4. Coordinated with Bharti Foundation to bring educational assistance to schools catering to     underprivileged children in the district.
5. Arranged a sea-outing at Kochi for 81 students and accompanying teachers of the Government     Vocational Higher Secondary School for the Deaf, Thiruvananthapuram.
6. Provided a secure fibre-glass boat at Amboori crossing in order to ensure safety of the local public     following the tragic death of a young student in an accident there.
7. Provided e-toilets to four schools with girl students of modest backgrounds, and beautified the     surrounding areas.
8. Donated sewing machines to group of poor women to provide for their livelihood.
9. Donated 1000 umbrellas for elementary school children during the monsoons.

10. Donated 2500 Books for poor children in the coastal area
11. Donated two dozen Computers for various schools .
12. Contributed to the clean-up of Valiyakulam Pond, a major source of fresh water in Chenkal      panchayat, and donated a pedal boat to permit local residents to move across the water body.
13. Sponsored a technical camp on mobile-era governance
14. Gave free Onam and Ramzan ration kits to poor families
15. Provided cooking utensils to flood-affected familities
16. Sponsored lunches and dinners for inhabitants of Sree Chitra Home for orphans, Mahila Mandir      home for the aged, and other charitable establishments in Thiruvananthapuram
Causes we support - Education and Amenities for the Girl Child
February  12,  2014
It has been found that a major and decisive factor for high dropout rate of schoolgirls is not traditional outlooks or the want of social change; it is the absence of basic toilet amenities. 45% of all government schools lack basic amenities.>.....
Causes we support - Healthcare and Women Empowerment
February  12,  2014
CTFs goal is to create inclusive conditions for a healthy living, regardless of social and economic circumstance. Our endeavor is to spread awareness about the issues affecting health such as personal hygiene, sanitation, disease prevention and childbirth>.....
CTF in the Media
February  12,  2014
A collection of news reports and media stories highlighting the work done by the Chandran Tharoor Foundation>.....
Patron, and Trustees of the Chandran Tharoor Foundation
December  17,  2008
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